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As a member of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI) I keep up-to-date with current news, changes and trends in migration. I have a clear understanding of the criteria for applying for different categories of visas and the skills and experience to help you save time and money on your visa application,  so that we together ‘get it right the first time! ‘

We conduct comprehensive initial assessments to ensure that applicants are aware of their eligibility to immigrate. Since all the assessments are done based on the information provided, applicants need to make sure that they provide accurate information, so that they receive the best advice. Immigration New Zealand makes all decision on visas based on the information that they receive. Therefore our Company spends a great deal of time collating information given by a client to ensure that ‘they get it right the first time’ when applying for a visa.

New Zealand’s immigration instructions are meant to be transparent, but they are not as clear as they should be.  The instructions are subject to different interpretations and this can sometimes result in confusion. Thousands of applications are rejected every year, due to the frequently changing immigration instructions and the differing interpretations of case officers on similar types of applications. It requires a skilled adviser to take up the challenge and argue the case on its merit.

In several cases it has been found, that Expressions of Interest (EOI) lodged under the Skilled Migrant Category are assessed as not satisfying immigration instructions and do not progress to a residence application stage. This was also the case with Family Parent Tier 1 category EOI’s that were being processed. Although the parent category has been suspended EOI’s are still being accepted into the pool. There is no guarantee when, or if these, will ever be selected in their present form. The chances of further changes are likely and this could affect the outcome of an expression of interest that is already in the pool. If your expression of interest is one of those pending an outcome, you will need to get sound advice on how you can proceed. We would like you to consider ‘All About Immigration’ for all your immediate and future needs.

The Immigration Protection Tribunal (IPT), which is an independent judicial body, decides on appeals made against rejected residence applications. They have the power to overturn decisions made by Immigration New Zealand. The IPT has overturned several hundred decisions over the past few years, which indicates that immigration officers make mistakes. The IPT uses its power to overturn incorrect decisions made by immigration officers, this happens frequently and therefore you must exercise your right to appeal.

If you have a declined application and you feel you have not been treated fairly. If you feel a mistake has been made and you want to appeal the decision, come to us, we will advise you of the best course forward. If we believe there is merit in making an IPT appeal we will make a robust case for you to help you fight the declined decision.

 If you submitted an application on your own to Immigration New Zealand and they have sent you a Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter, raising concerns on your application, come to us, we will tell you if we can help you and show you the best way forward.

It is in the best interests of the applicants that they are, at the outset, informed about their eligibility for a New Zealand immigration visa. There can often be many immigration avenues to fulfill the same goal of obtaining residence in New Zealand. Every immigration application has an element of risk, which needs to be identified clearly and discussed beforehand.

After satisfying the required criteria, the next important step is the planning and coordination of the application process within the specified deadlines, which become applicable at the start of this process. We always aim to ‘get it right the first time’.

To understand which avenue is available to you and how your objective to study, work or reside in New Zealand can be reached is the first step of the immigration process. We provide accurate assessment services to help you understand what the requirements are, in your individual case and we will advise you, if your application does not meet the required criteria.

How can you change things to meet the criteria for New Zealand immigration? What exactly do you need to do to achieve your goal, to either work as a skilled migrant or start a business in New Zealand?

We keep it honest and we use our experience to find a way for you to achieve your goal to reside in New Zealand.Study, Work, Skilled Migrant, Business, where do you fit in? We specialize in making things happen for you the right way first time round.